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    Are you new to essential oils? Start here! These classes have everything you need to know to get started!

  • Essential Oils 101

    New to essential oils? This class covers the top essential oils and their most common uses.

  • Why Use Essential Oils?

    Think essential oils are just a fad? This class has all the reasons why essential oils could help many areas of your life!

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  • Building a STRONG Immunity

    There are so many natural ways to build your immune system AND save money on your healthcare! This is a 1 hour video class.

  • Essential Oils and Kids

    Do you have kids? If so, enjoy learning how to use essential oils for the littles in your family! Go through this class at your own pace, no videos.

  • Essential Oils for Special Needs

    Learn how essential oils can enhance natural health and wellness for those with special needs in your life, including digestive, brain, and cellular health, as well as emotions, focus, easier daily transitions, and much more! Go through this class at your own pace, no videos.

  • Essential Oils for Teenagers

    If you have teenagers at home, you may need some additional help so you all survive...this class covers all the ways essential oils can help your teen with focus and study, athletics, hormone changes, skin and hair care, and much more! Go through this class at your own pace, no videos.

  • Help for the Frazzled Mom!

    Want to learn about how Essential Oils can support you throughout the whole day of adulting and raising the precious ones you’ve been given? If so, then you will LOVE this CLASS! Go through this class at your own pace, no videos.

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  • Meet Jessica


    My name is Jessica and I am a dōTERRA® Essential Oils Educator and Wellness Advocate.

    I live in Washington with my husband, Rob, but we travel in the winter in our 1974 GMC Buffalo bus with our black lab George. I began using essential oils in 2016, a little at first, then more and more. My favorite part about doTERRA essential oils is that I don't have to worry about putting something toxic into my body, and I can bring my little health solutions with me wherever I go. I decided I wanted to join the company so that I can have a sustainable income even while travelling. I provide personalized care and guidance on how to use essential oils safely and effectively.

    Enjoy all the education I offer you through these classes! When you are ready to order some essential oils, click on the button below. Feel free to reach out to me too if you have any questions. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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