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Tips for Natural Weight Loss

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What is important for Weight Loss

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just close your eyes and poof the extra weight is gone?! Since that doesn’t happen, let’s look at some things that you can do to make your weight loss journey easier.


Tip #1

RELAXATION is KEY. Cortisol is nature’s built-in alarm system. It’s your body’s main stress hormone. It works with certain parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation, and fear.

Your adrenal glands -- triangle-shaped organs at the top of your kidneys -- make cortisol.

It’s best known for helping fuel your body’s “fight-or-flight” instinct in a crisis, but cortisol plays an important role in a number of things your body does. For example, it:

  • Manages how your body uses carbohydrates, fats, and proteins

  • Keeps inflammation down

  • Regulates your blood pressure

  • Increases your blood sugar (glucose)

  • Controls your sleep/wake cycle

  • Boosts energy so you can handle stress and restores balance afterward

Too much stress can lead to many health problems, including anxiety or depression, headaches, heart disease, memory & concentration problems, digestive & sleep problems, and especially weight gain.


The number one oil that can help with stress levels is Copaiba, because goes right to work calming the Nervous System. Take a drop under the tongue morning & evening for daily support. The next best is the Adaptiv line of products: oil, Touch roller, and Capsules. Whichever one you choose, or using all 3, gives an increased sense of calm, mental sharpness & productive thoughts so you can be better equipped to handle daily stressors. When you are trying to lose weight, cravings can be stressors also! So just inhaling a drop of your favorite stress-busting oil from cupped hands can help you overcome those thoughts and cravings and keep you on track. My favorite of all oils is Balance because I can feel it physically calm my body. Other ones you can try are Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, or any wood oil like Cypress or Black Spruce. Find your favorite or alternate different ones.


Another hack for relaxation: Deep Breathing techniques. Use alone or with oils. Deep breathe while you eat! We are so conditioned to be in stress mode these days. If you eat in stress mode, your body will hold on to it in fat as much as possible to protect itself. Using your breath to relax during mealtimes is the best way to tell your body that your safe.


10 drops Copaiba + FCO in 5 mL roller. Roll stomach & bottoms of feet morning & evening. Good for: digestive, urinary, respiratory, emotional, aches & discomfort, cardiovascular, hormones, collagen, skin & liver support.


Tip #2

DETOXIFICATION. If you do not do a regular cleanse or use oils to detox daily, your body will build up heavy metals and other toxins. You will have no energy and you’ll feel generally icky. It will even affect your mood, and not in a good way.

The Adrenal Glands produce cortisol to respond to stress, but they are also where you hold stress as well. The best oil to support the Adrenals is Zendocrine Detoxification Blend. I keep a roller of Zendocrine by my bed and use it every night.

You can also use the Softgels or the Herbal Complex, or both together, because they compliment each other.

Other oils for detoxing are Lemon & other Citruses, Cilantro, Celery Seed, Juniper Berry, and Fennel.

In addition, it’s really important to make sure your digestive system is functioning at it’s best with digestive enzymes (TerraZyme) at every meal and probiotics (PB Assist+) once daily. Also, INCREASE YOUR WATER INTAKE!!!


10 drops Zendocrine + FCO in a 5mL roller. Roll over liver, adrenals, lymph nodes and/or bottoms of feet morning & evening for weight, thyroid, hormones & organ cleansing.


NUTRITION. Of course you’re going to eat healthier when you are trying to lose weight, but even if we are careful with what we put into our bodies and intentional with our diet, we may not be getting enough of certain nutrients. Use trustworthy supplements like the Lifelong Vitality pack and dT’s new Nutrition Line. They are made with whole foods, nothing synthetic or toxic, so your body knows what to do with it and actually absorbs the nutrition.

Protein is an important macronutrient and crucial for building muscle, managing appetite, and helping the body recover after workouts. Protein is also necessary to provide the body with energy and stamina to perform functions like building cells and support a healthy immune system response. Reducing sugar consumption is also an important aspect of improving your diet and overall health. doTERRA Protein is sugar free and a great tool to use in a Keto or other high protein/low carb diets.

Fiber is a fantastic macronutrient that supports many different health functions within the body, not just the digestive system, including the cardiovascular and the immune systems, and also helps to control appetite. Fad diets are a popular trend and most focus on consuming high amounts of protein and low amounts of carbohydrates. This unbalance can wreak havoc on our fiber intake! According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, even with a healthy diet, most people only get half the amount of fiber they need. The FDA recommends 25–38 grams of dietary fiber every day. That’s a lot of raw vegetables and bowls of oatmeal! One serving of doTERRA Fiber provides six grams of soluble and insoluble fiber, CPTG® Lemon essential oil, natural vitamin C, and a unique prebiotic blend.

Fruits & Vegetables are incredibly important, as we all know, for heathy body functioning because of the nutrition they provide. There are many reasons you may not be getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. It’s expensive, preparation can be time consuming, you may feel unsure of how much you really need to eat, and I know a lot of people who just simply refuse to eat vegetables! doTERRA Greens was created to supplement your fruit and vegetable intake with responsibly sourced, wholesome ingredients.

Tip #4

INCREASING YOUR METABOLISM NATURALLY. There are many things you can do to “turn up the heat” in your body’s fat-burning furnace. Exercising 2 hours a day isn’t one of them. It’s much better to a few little ‘big’ bursts throughout the day. Killing yourself with overlong workouts will put your body into self-protection mode and won’t help the weight loss.

Oils to increase metabolism include Slim & Sassy, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Grapefruit! Put in a couple drops each time you drink a glass of water, and of course, INCREASE YOUR WATER INTAKE to help flush those toxins!! Drink half your bodyweight in ounces per day, at least.


10 drops Slim & Sassy + FCO in 5mL roller. Roll on stomach 2-3x daily.


1 drop each Cinnamon Bark & Grapefruit in 8oz glass of water throughout the day.


5 drops each Lemon, Cypress & Grapefruit + FCO in 5mL roller. Roll problem areas morning & evening.


1 drop each Lemon & Grapefruit in 8oz glass of water throughout the day.