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Tips for Making More Money

Have you ever gained anything in life by worrying? I have: extra weight. Worry is stress, and stress causes the body to produce too much cortisol, which is what packs the pounds on around our midsections. It’s a natural self-defense mechanism designed to protect ourselves from the harshness of life. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be abundant in those areas!! I would much rather have a full bank account. So let’s get ourselves out of stress and into relaxation mode so we can start creating the life of our dreams!

The Abundance Generator Protocol

The number one thing that holds people back from making the amount of money ‘of their dreams’ is MINDSET. Being a human in this chaotic & often negative world, it is so easy to allow thoughts of lack to take over. When you think of money, what is you’re first thought? Maybe it’s time to set aside some time to pay attention to your thoughts, even write them down without judging them. Are you concentrating on your lack without realizing it?

  • I never have enough. 
  • I can’t afford that. 
  • I’ll have to wait til payday.

Thoughts become things, and our emotions are like magnets, attracting what we think about. Those negative thoughts are showing you that you can change your circumstances!

Sometimes life calls you to focus on more abundance! Whether it’s abundance in money, health, or life-satisfaction, this protocol will help you draw good things to you.

Protocol Benefits:

· Opens your first chakra (money & stability)

· Grounds your energy to the present moment

· Opens your mind to the story of new possibilities

· Creates an emotional set point for gratitude in your day Set aside 10-15 minutes to give yourself time to do this protocol daily.

Using the recommended oil for each step, repeat or write the accompanying affirmation 3 times.

  1. First Chakra: 
    Balance Grounding Blend – Massage 2 drops into the heels of your feet each morning and night. “There is always a path forward for me. I am worthy of good things, and I open my mind to see the possibility of the next good thing. I take life one good thing at a time.”
    Vetiver & Rosemary – Add a drop of each to the floor of your shower in the morning “I take each day one moment at a time, allowing the best and highest good to blossom and guide me forward. I appreciate slight improvements often because I know they add up to a better life.” 
  2. Dreamstorm:
    Get a special notebook to dreamstorm in once a day. It’s best to do it first thing in the morning before the world takes over your attention. Use your Frequency & Vibration roller or Deeper Meditation oils, then spend 10-15 minutes writing what you’re grateful for and what you’re excited to see unfold in your life. Think, write and speak of all the things you love in your life. Then review what you’ve written just before going to bed! 
  3. Abundant Atmosphere:
    Wild Orange – diffuse 6-8 drops every day to uplift your mood.
    Elevation Joyful Blend – Breathe a couple drops from your palms while focusing on your abundant future periodically each day. 

Keep in mind that habits never change overnight, they take time. Doing this protocol for at least 4 weeks will reset your neural transmitters with a new habit of abundance!

Want to know how essential oils work, and if they will work for you? Text "oils class" to 509-676-4333 NOW and I will help you answer those questions!

Now, if you are looking specifically for a new income stream, I can help you! Let me explain…

There once was man who hauled buckets of water for a living. Every day he hauled water from the nearest source to his village miles away. If he wanted to make more money, he would simply work longer hauling buckets.

After many years, he grew weary of hauling buckets. Then inspiration came. If he used his spare time to build a pipeline, eventually he could be free from hauling buckets. So he labored diligently for a few years to build his pipeline.

The day he turned on the spigot, everything changed. He had successfully created an unlimited supply of water and improved lifestyle for the villagers and himself, resulting in an abundant financial pipeline.

Many people spend their lives trading hours for dollars and lack fulfillment or a sense of purpose. With doTERRA, anyone can choose to create time, energy, and financial freedom through building a lasting residual income pipeline!

Where are you?

Are you Hauling Buckets:

  • Trading hours for dollars 
  • Limit on advancement & earnings 
  • Limited time freedom 
  • Building other people’s dreams 

Or Building a Pipeline:

  • True, lasting residual income
  • No limits on advancement & earnings
  • Freedom to choose your schedule
  • Building your dreams

If you want to learn more and see if doTERRA could be a fit for you, text “sharing in 30” to 509-676-4333! You’ll get a quick little class delivered straight to your phone for free, with no obligation!