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Thinker, the Focus Blend

· Essential Oils

Do you have trouble maintaining mental clarity? These days it seems everything is competing for an individual's finite time, attention, and energy.  It's all too easy to become overstimulated and struggle to pay attention to an immediate task as the mind is bombarded with information coming form more directions and in more decibels than in any other era of the world. For myself, I'm in the midst of trying to build a home business while working 2 other jobs: substitute teaching and bartender.  Sometimes it's really hard to transition smoothly between activities.  Talk about dramatic readjustment to vastly different energies and stimuli! I have loved using Thinker Focus Blend to help cut out distractions and keep to my priorities. 

Recently, I was blessed enough to have the whole day to myself, a rare occurence in this crazy world! I'm loving being a Wellness Advocate and the ideas are flowing, and I actually spent the entire day working on my online business, with no breaks, without feeling like I overdid it! When my husband Rob came home at 5, I realized I hadn't eaten anything since 7am.  I was so focused on my work that the things that would normally distract me (like hunger😛) didn't.  I was shocked. I don't recommend doing that often, of course, because it can lead to burn out!

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Ideal for everyone and for daily use, Thinker features Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine, and Rosemary perfectly combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil for sensitive skin. Peppermint, is energizing. It increases alertness and helps to focus on tasks. Rosemary, instills a sense of focus and clarity. Vetiver is a stabilizing oil, it centers the mind and makes space for prioritizing and focus. Clementine, like all citrus oils, is uplifting to the mood and aids in concentration. All of the best Focusing oils together, creating an earthy, minty, and herbal aromatic experience that is fresh and energizing.

How to use Thinker Focus Blend

My favorite place to keep my roller bottle of Thinker is right in front of me on my desk! This is where I find I need to concentrate and focus the most. Sometimes, I'll bring it with me in my purse if I feel like I'll need it. 

It's super easy to use Thinker: just roll it on you're wrists or the back of your neck and you are good-to-go! I put it on right as I sit down at my computer, then again throughout the day as I feel I need it. 

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You may have noticed that Thinker is part of the Kid's Collection. If it helps me so much, think how much it could help the child who has trouble concentrating in school! It's great tool to support your kid; they can keep it in their backpack and use it as needed, like while they are studying or taking a test. Peppermint and Rosemary each enhance memory retention. They make it easier to recall information when they're used first during study time and then during test-taking. 

The best part about this blend of oils is that they are 100% pure, so you do not have to worry what is going into your child's skin.

Since essential oils are pennies per drop, Thinker is already affordable. This month only, you can get Thinker for free, if you act fast.  Leave a comment below if you want to find out how.

Happy oiling! 

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