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Oils to Support the Liver

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The liver is the largest internal organ of the body. It is located in the upper abdomen and helps with digestion, produces cholesterol used to make several hormones and cellular membranes, removes wasted products and old cells from the blood, and metabolizes harmful substances and toxins into harmless chemicals. The liver also has amazing regenerative abilities. Left with as little as 25% of its original mass, the liver can regrow what was lost and return to normal size!

Let’s look at the emotional side of the Liver, because we hold our emotions in our organs. When the emotional aspects of the liver are working as they should, you are able to stand firm in your convictions, with proper boundaries between you and others around you. The liver influences confidence and assertiveness, and the ability to make decisions and stick by them. The liver also has a lot to do with stress and anger. Physically, an imbalanced liver can create tight tendons, necks and shoulders, and emotionally it can lead to a tightness of the spirit.

The key emotions of the liver are anger and frustration. When the liver isn’t doing its job, everything in the body tends to rise upward. You might notice when you’re angry or frustrated that you are holding yourself in a tight, rigid manner, maybe clenching or grinding your teeth in anger and frustration. Your face might be turning red. That doesn’t mean all people who have a liver imbalance act this way, or that the liver is responsible for creating miserable “Type A” angry people. The liver energy is necessary for keeping us on track. Without it, we wouldn’t have a sense of purpose, we’d be stuck in victim mentality and we wouldn’t be able to get anything done.

The key is balance. When kept in a state of equilibrium, the liver can move us toward our goals, allowing us to plan and follow a steady course. It can keep us on track with our plans and ambitions, and protect us from those who want to cross our boundaries and take our energetic reserves.

How do essential oils help? They work at a cellular level, but also on an emotional level, providing support for you emotionally, and physically in the cells of the liver. Watch this quick video to find out which oils will help the Liver the most!