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My favorite oil...for now

The Ginger Edition

· Essential Oils

Essential oils are so useful, for so many things.  It can be really overwhelming, when you a first starting to use oils, because there are so many to choose from and you just don't know where to start.

That's why I like to learn about oils one at a time. You can really get a good understanding about a certain oil by using it on a daily basis for 3-4 weeks or more. This month I have been using 

Here's a little background on Ginger. 

Esteemed in ancient times as a spice and recognized for it's ability to ease the digestive system, it has been used in gingerbread (up to 4,000 years ago in Greece), in Egyptian cuisine (to ward of epidemics), in Roman wine (for it's aphrodisiac powers), in Indian tea (to soothe upset stomachs), and in Chinese tonics (to strengthen the hear and to relieve head congestion), and in Hawaii to scent clothing, to cook with, to cure indigestion, and in shampoo and massage oils. Many of these are still used today! Physically, Ginger is a warm oil, so if you use it on your skin, be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil to reduce sensitivity.

Now let's get into the good stuff. 

My favorite part about essential oils is their benefits for emotional health. There are so many scientific studies that show how each molecule of an oil is made up of chemical constituents, and each constituent has a therapeutic property, such as calming, energizing, detoxifying, restorative, etc. I won't bore you with the particulars, but Ginger is a calming oil that soothes victim mentality and revitalizes a sense of empowerment. I set out to see if it worked this way for myself this month, and this is what I've found: it works!

To begin with, I've been a Wellness Advocate with doTerra since 2016. This entire time I have struggled with motivation to continue my business, and with belief in my self that I could actually succeed. I would make excuses to myself for why I couldn't reach out to people.  I let fear of their response, or judgment of me, keep me from sharing information that could potentially help them.  I'm realizing now that those thoughts were holding me back from not only reaching my own goals, but helping people who need a solution to their problem!! Suffice it to say, my business has been sluggish for a while now. I knew I needed to do something about it, and that no one is going to do it for me.

Last month I read about Ginger being the Oil of Empowerment, so I decided to use it every morning this month in 2 ways: I put it 4-5 drops in my 

unscented body lotion after my shower, and also take 3 drops in a shot of water after I brush my teeth.  

I firmly believe that essential oils vibrate at high energy, and when we use them consistently, we eventually vibrate that high too. And that it doesn't matter what level you are vibrating at, you will attract what you are thinking about the most in the way you are thinking about it. In other words, if you're considering starting a new hobby, like playing the piano, and your thoughts are along the lines of "yeah, I could do that, it would just take practice", and you added a pinch of motivation to the equation, then chances are you would accomplish what you set out to do. And you could even become really great at it, depending how much effort you put in. But if you looked at a virtuoso and thought "I could never do that", and that was all you could think of while you were practicing, then chances are you'd give up in frustration at 'not being good enough.' Running your own business is similar. You either believe you can or you can't, and you will draw that outcome to yourself. Your vibration will attract oppurtunities, or lack of, to build your business. 

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. All that to say that I have a deep desire to help people find solutions for their problems, but my business wasn't showing the effects that I'd like to have, so that's why I knew I needed some help in the Empowerment Department. 

This is a perfect explanation of Ginger from the Essential Emotions book, 9th edition:

"Ginger holds no reservations. This oil has a purpose and will fulfill it! Ginger powerfully persuades individuals to be fully present and participate in life.  It teaches that to be successful in life, one must be wholly committed to it. Ginger addresses deep patterns of victim mentality, which is evidenced by feelings of powerlessness, believing everything is outside one's control, refusing to take responsibility for life, or blaming life circumstances on other people or outside influences.  Victims feel stuck as they decentralize or disown responsibility and blame others for their misfortunes.  Ginger empowers individuals in taking complete responsibility for their life circumstances. It infuses a warrior-like mentality based on integrity, personal responsibility, and individual choice. Here individuals see themselves as the creators of their own lives. No longer waiting for outside circumstances to change, they choose their own destiny.  The empowered individuals assume full responsibility and accountability for the consequences of their actions or inactions."

The verdict: 

Based on the above explanation, I think my results have been subtle but very good! I was lead to join a 3-week training where I am learning how to use my own unique strengths to build my business my own unique way, which pushed me to reach out and connect with my customers and prospects (something that was very difficult for me in the past). Just in the last week alone, I have connected with 143 people! The week started out slow, but I kept at it until my list was done.  I honestly feel that using Ginger empowered me to be able to choose action over procrastination, and to hold the thought of "I am connecting!" instead of "I can't do this!"  It's hard to explain, but I can feel a shift in my being. I'm feeling more confident and able to speak my thoughts rather than hold back out of fear of judgment. I was also accepted into a prestigious program called Silver Club that will provide me with even more opportunities to build for the next 3 months! So yes, to me, Ginger is empowering. And I can't wait to see what the future brings! 

Well, I hope this helps you if you are feeling less-than lately.  If you've used Ginger in this way, I'd love to hear your story, leave it below! Or, if you are ready to see the difference essential oils can make in your life, click this button!

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