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Free Product of the Month: Motivate® Touch Roller

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We all need a little extra encouragement now and then, especially now in our modern world full of chaos and stress. It can be really easy to want to run and hide when you're stressed, but hiding doesn't get the chores done, does it? When frustrations and setbacks arise, Motivate® Encouraging blend helps you reset and stay resilient, so you can be empowered to make big differences in your world!

What makes Motivate® so special? The combination of citrus and herbs in this blend make it a powerful motivator.  It turns lathargic energy into enthusiasm and a sense of "I can do this!" 

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The mood-lifting and energizing properties of Clementine with the dopaminergic properties of Peppermint create the perfect motivating aroma. Coriander’s sweet, herbaceous scent is simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, yet also imparts feelings of integrity. Basil promotes focus and stress-relief. Yuzu is uplifting and refreshing. Melissa calms feelings of nervousness. Rosemary is both energizing and settling, promoting focus and concentration. Lastly, Vanilla Bean Extract helps ease tension and relaxes nerves, helping you to feel happier and more content.

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The Essential Emotions, 9th edition, book tells us that Motivate® 

"fosters confidence to follow through with one's creative inspirations and intentions. It also imbues a warrior-like spirit and strengthens individuals to face adversities and challenges." 

It's especially helpful in times of weariness and discouragement when you've lost the energy and motivation to complete important life tasks, such as caring or a sick loved one or assisting others in need. Sometimes just the mundane, day to day stuff brings us down! Work through your feelings of gloom, weariness, or hopelessness, rather than slipping into despondency or despair, and launch your self into positive action with this simple, helpful tool.

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You don't have to use your new Motivate® Touch roller just to help you feel motivated! All essential oils provide physical support, in addition to emotional support, for all of the body's systems:

  • Apply over your chest to support your Respiratory system.
  • Massage over your lower back and bottoms of your feet to support your Endocrine and Immune systems.
  • Rub over your stomach area to support your Digestive system.

I have 2 favorite ways to use my Motivate® Touch roller:

  1. First thing in the morning, I roll Motivate® on the bottoms of my big toes, which corresponds to the brain in Reflexology, to set the tone for my day.
  2. I roll it on my wrists and back of neck right before starting a project that needs my focus and attention, or when I'm feeling frustrated when things aren't going as planned.

How do you get this roller in your hands now? It's simple! Just make sure you order at least 125pv on your Loyalty Rewards Program Wellness Box by the 15th of this month.

Have you used Motivate® yet? Leave a comment and tell me what you felt the first time you rolled it on? What are your favorite ways to use Motivate®?