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NEVER ORDER DŌTERRA PRODUCTS FROM AMAZON OR OTHER 3rd party vendors. They are not from doTERRA and not safe (Google Search why not to buy doTERRA on amazon and YouTube videos come up showing you why.) doTERRA products not direct from the company are one of the top fraudulent items online. People put mystery liquids in empty bottles and replace the safety seal caps for 23 cents each. Never purchase on any site other than your doTERRA account - plus you actually pay less when you get from doTERRA and use your rewards benefits.


ADULTS - 20 drops of each essential oil in a 10ml rollerball topped off with FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil). Recommended up to 50% Essential Oils in 10ml roller at max. It's okay to start with fewer drops and add more later if necessary.

CHILDREN & BABIES - use the same # of drops as their age. A baby roller would be 1-5 drops of each essential oil and top off with FCO. A 5-year-old would use 5-10 drops of each essential oil and top off with FCO.

It’s important to dilute doTERRA oils with a carrier oil because we have the most potent oils on the planet! That’s how we became the #1 Essential Oil Company in the World. Our oils work the best!

Want ideas on how to use the top ten oils in doTERRA? Click here...

See POST 3 on How to Order Next if you are getting excited about what to order next!

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NOTE: PHOTOSENSITIVE OILS. Please review for safety and do not apply before going out into the sun. You must wait 12-24 hours before exposing skin to sun after using these oils.

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