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One thing is sure about this online business stuff: I'm learning all kinds of new technology now that I've started this website!

It has definitely been very intimidating. There is SO MUCH to learn, and SO MANY ways to make yourself vulnerable!

I went for a LONG time being scared of videoing myself, but I'm DOING IT! And darn it if it's not getting easier each time!

Of course, I didn't realize that the camera angle would show my butt that much when I reached for those oils...

"DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!" is what my mentor Lisa Zimmer always says!

I joined this business to bring wellness to as many people as I am able to, and I have to do hard things to do that!

So, while this isn't my first video I've done (you can find those on the Americruising With Oils Wellness Community group page on facebook), at least I'm staying in the game, big butt and all. And I'd love to have you join me!

What is something you know you need to try but keep putting it off? Get out there and do it! It's never as bad as it seems like it's going to be and it ALWAYS makes you grow!

"Every flower must grow through dirt!"

Curious if essential oils could help you?

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